In the School of Chi Energy, our training teaches students how the science of biophotons are behind the bioenergy being built up into specialized forms.

Here are some basic and interesting facts about the photon particle.

Inquiring Minds:

“When scientists first discovered that charged particles create an electric field around them , and that a wire with a current creates a different type of a field, called magnetic field, they quickly realized that these electric and magnetic fields (from now EM fields) could be time and space dependent, and sometimes this dependency is such, that the EM field travels in space, from one point to another one (carrying energy and information (see walkie-talkies)) and people started to call them EM waves. These waves were continuous propagation of EM fields.

Everybody was happy, until they (Max Planck) discovered some problems (thermal radiation of an object called black body). To solve his problem, he came up with a revolutionary idea, that the EM waves are not continuous, but QUANTIZED, that they propagate in little wave packets, called PHOTONS. And a baby quantum theory was born. 🙂

Very smart physicists worked with his idea, and realized that EM fields are quantized as well and that excitations of the EM field can propagate in space time, and those excitations are the photons and these photons are described by something called wave functions from which you can get the probability of finding a photon in a certain space region at a certain time. (that is why the name, probability wave).

To make the long story short : An electromagnetic wave is a classical, non-quantized description of a propagating EM field, A photon is a modern, quantized description of a propagating EM field. ( Notice, I carefully avoided saying that the photon is a particle or a wave! In the modern description, it has so called DUAL properties, sometimes it acts as a particle (when you have spots on your camera film) or as a wave, when you experiencing interference)).”

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