Holiday Time Can Fluctuate Chi Energy

Holiday Time for Chi Energy Practitioners…

Holiday time can fluctuate your Bio-Energy Field and for practitioners that are learning about how energy works this can be a challenge. It is true that Holidays are a great time for being with our family, friends and the hustle of a busy time or perhaps lonely time.  It is this holiday reason that practitioners who tend to be on the sensitive side will certainly pick up on the increased hormonal flow of energy. Hormonal type of bio-energy during the holiday seasons can quickly fluctuate changes around them or when they are around other people.  What I mean by this is, in the way the energy can feel so differently, from one minute to the next in them self or in others that are around them. This difference of feeling can be caused by the way the student is building up their own energy.

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When you regularly perform the energy exercises you are learning in our School of Chi Energy, those exercises will really tend to intensify your own body’s emotions.  Since your emotions are already quite a bit amplified by just performing the energy exercises; during the holiday season, they tend to be amplified even more intensely. This is because during the holiday season, most people tend to go inward comparing old memories of distant holidays in the past, to see how closely they can make this holiday feel like those old ones. Of course, it’s usually fails since it’s hard to duplicate old memories. People call them the good old days, as we tend to forget the painful side of the holiday time and tune into only the good parts.

For some students in energy work, this time of year can become a painful time, for when they are remembering back in time, it may seem to hurt their feelings inside or cause extreme emotional feelings to be released. Remembering back to those old memories can suddenly become way too intense for them; remembering back can often cause the student anxiety or to go into a kind of panic attack. If you are around that type of person, when this situation occurs, the emotional feelings in their energy can get extreme.

Students ask me why this kind of thing can happen to them when they are practicing energy work. I tell them it’s because their emotions are tied to both their bloodstream through hormonal flow and their electrical nervous system in the way they come out. Since the student is building up the electrical part of their body, their feelings or sensations are often much more amplified then some one not doing energy work.  Students usually can get over their anxiety or panic attacks by performing a relaxing lying down meditation, plus by taking off performing energy work over the next couple of days.

We tell our new students not to perform their energy exercises during these times that intense feelings can come out. This would include holidays, traumatic events, like moving, changing jobs, getting divorced/married or other type of dramatic events. Since those type of things can cause emotional stress to anyone going through them, we recommend to the student to stop training until that particular situation changes. This way the student will avoid the typical pitfalls that await those persons unaware of what building up energy in the wrong way can cause.

It is things like this that we teach our students, so they can get the best out of their training. Most people that go through energy work are unaware of the new knowledge that is available concerning how performing energy exercises will actually affect their body. At the School of Chi Energy, we are updating students with the latest information concerning such things and explain to them exactly how this new information will affect their training. If you haven’t listened to our School’s free seminars, about energy and how it works, please check them out at: The School of Chi Energy Free Seminars.

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