Chi Energy Form Training Part Four

 An online School of Chi Energy Form Training seminar on:

How the School of Chi Energy Training teaches students to build “Energy Forms” in order to perform quantum healing and extreme abilities. 

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The Questions that were asked in our Chi Energy Form Training Seminar.

  • I’m a holistic energy professional that performs a combination of Reiki, Qigong and Chakra activation in my energy work.  I’m interested in learning Chi Energy techniques.  I’ve read in month two, that you teach students how to move a straw.  Why do I need to learn how to move a straw in order to perform Chi Energy techniques?
  • I’ve read in a lot of different books about Remote Viewing, Astral Travel and OBE techniques.  I did follow the instructions in this one book on Remote Viewing.  However, my success was not so good. How real are these types of abilities?  Can remote viewing be of any practical use other than the experience?
  • I work with autistic children and adults.  I’ve read that you teach an exercise called nerve fiber building.  Can your energy training teach me how to use energy to calm the nervous system for those who are autistic?
  • I’m a massage therapist that uses Reiki on my clients after therapeutic bodywork.  Is the Chi Energy method more effective than Reiki?
  • Levitation is why I came to your web site.  Can I learn to levitate in Year One or what would it take to perform levitation?
  • In one of your free mp3 seminars, you said, that it was not a good idea to mix other energy methods during chi energy training.  Is that true and why?


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