Chi Energy Form Training Part Three

 An online School of Chi Energy Form Training seminar on:

A series of questions come from energy practitioners and from those people, who have never experienced energy healing.  The seminar covers information about Auras, Reiki, Qigong and Quantum Energy healing that was directed to Sifu Jones.

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  • It sounds a bit magical that you can build an “Energy Form” out of thin air. What makes up this Energy Form?
  • Is this Energy Form similar to an aura of different colors around my body? Does the power come from the different frequencies of colors in the Energy Form?
  • Does this Energy Form replace my physical body or is it part of it?
  • How does it physical feel to build and use an Energy Form. It is just a mental projection or visualization like using a Reiki symbol?
  •  How is this Energy Form different than the bubble of loving light that I visualize around my body similar to faith healing?
  • Can I use this healing Energy Form to heal in person and long distance? Are there different levels of healing techniques?
  • I’ve read that this is a Quantum type of healing that your training teaches. What does this mean?
  • How is this long distance healing energy form different from Reiki or Qigong long distance healing?
  • How long does it take to build an Energy Form?
  • Can this energy form be used for other purposes besides healing the body such as changing my mental state of mind?


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