Bio-Energy Healing
Becoming the Chi Healer
Open the Door to Becoming the Chi Healer Advanced Healing Abilities and Techniques The Chi Energy Method teaches you how to Buildup
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Bio-Energy (photon of Light) now Formed into Matter
Photons of Light become tangible Matter Now physics has moved forward creating Photons of Light that becomes tangible Matter.  When the article
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Bio-Energy Healing and Soundwaves
Soundwaves with the Chi Energy Method We’ve covered at great lengths in previous articles the mechanical energy developed by soundwaves and how,
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Healing Bio-Energy Combines with Meditation
The School of Chi Energy Where Healing Energy Exercises combine with Meditation There are many interpretations of the nature of the training
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The Power of the Vagus Nerve
Discover the Power of the Vagus Nerve at the School of Chi Energy Discovering the power of vagus nerve is something that
Bio-Energy Training
A Chi Healers’ Way of Building Up Bio-Energy
Year One Training for the Chi Healer at the School of Chi Energy Discover how a Chi Builder of Bio-Energy Becomes a
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Quantum Physics supports Chi Energy
Quantum Physics supports Chi Energy As scientific discovery has advanced in the world of quantum physics, so has our understanding of chi.
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Why Biophotons Matter
Why Biophotons Matter Shedding Light on Mind and Matter “Mind over matter” is a proverb that speaks to us on multiple levels.
Chi Energy Seminars
The Chi Energy Heals Method with Sifu Jones
The School of Chi Energy’s A Powerful Energy Method for Health, Healing and Advanced Abilities… A brief talk about the Chi Energy Heals Method
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The World’s Most Powerful Energy Exercises
Powerful Energy Cultivation Exercises for Health and Healing The School of Chi Energy has developed and are now teaching to Students the